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Mission paver

Is that time worn Cobblestone or concrete? With the Mission Paver collection, it’s hard to tell. Natural, subtle color blends look great on their own or can be combined for a variety of charming custom blends. Uniform 2 ¾” (70mm) thickness makes Mission Pavers very strong, yet easy to install. Old Mission can be used in both permeable and non-permeable applications depending on the jointing material used. New Mission pavers can be placed together tightly for a smooth, even surface with an extra touch of class.


Chic, hip, stylish. All words that will be used to describe your modern Miros patio. This very large slab lies tastefully beneath colorful patio furniture or vibrant plants and flowers. At 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 feet, Miros is the largest hardscape slab available in North America. Square shape and crisp edges contrast with plants or flowers for a striking, modern vibe. Moss or stone fits between spaced pavers for an especially attractive, low maintenance patio.

grand flagstone

Nature rarely needs any thing added to it except a way to enjoy it. Take in the scenery with Grand Flagstone under your patio chairs. And rest easy, because unlike natural stones, these pavers are as durable as they are timeless. Beautiful natural stone texture and smooth top surfaces help protect feet of all sizes from tripping. 15 rough hewn shapes and multi-toned colors perfectly replicate real flagstone. Even product height reduces breakage for a beautiful patio or walkway, year after year.

dimensional flagstone

The attractive, multi-toned colors of dimensional flagstone will brilliantly highlight your home’s design. Use for your family’s patio or your front walkway. Tones and colors meld gracefully into surrounding outdoor environment. Large unit sizes for tasteful design, without appearing busy. Patterned installation aids in fast, frustration free project completion.

linear flagstone

To suit a more refined taste in landscape design, consider linear flagstone pavers. Simple subtle texture adds the perfect touch of character to your patio or walkway.  
Natural stone texture and subtle color tones for an especially sophisticated finished project. 2 inch thickness and consistent dimensions for fast installation and a worry free finish.

24x24 flagstone

Designed especially for rooftop patio pedestal systems, the 24X24 Flagstone collection delivers all of the beauty of a backyard landscape with or without the backyard. 24X24 Flagstone is as durable as a backyard paver, with all of the contemporary elegance of an outdoor tile. Large square shape mimics the modern and formal look of cut or milled flagstone. Multiple colors available for coordinating designs with Grand Flagstone or Dimensional flagstone, or retaining walls. Uniform 2” thickness for durable patios or walkways.

superior steppers

Superior Steppers are a delightful way to adorn your backyard. Lay a charming garden walkway with stones made of the highest quality materials, for a path that won’t break or chip. 8 different shapes for a rustic, authentic stone appearance. Various color offerings compliment your existing backyard environment. Superior Steppers are roughly 27” x 21” wide with a consistent 2” rise.

belgard products


Belgard Mega-Arbel pavers give homeowners the perfectly integrated, natural looking hardscapes they desire. Its scale is similar to natural flagstone and roughly two times larger than Arbel Stone, its smaller counterpart. Installation is easy; cutting is reduced to a minimum due to its ingenious interlocking design.

Note: There are 6 different configurations within the same basic footprint. Dimensions may vary. 

78 sq.ft/Pallet


Mega-Lafitt Collection is the most natural-looking texture available in a modular paver. It has the look and feel of natural-cut flagstone and large, modular shapes to allow for ample design flexibility.

98 sq.ft/Pallet

Lafitt Patio Slab

Ideal for patio and walkway use, the Lafitt Patio Slab features the look and texture of cut slate combined with the long lasting strength and staying power Belgard Pavers are known for. This paver features a three-piece modular system for easy installation as well as a thinner profile, which allows for overlay opportunities and better economics.

115 sq.ft/Pallet


Recalling the narrow, cobbled streets of Europe, Old World is crafted with a natural stone cleft finish for the look and feel of time-worn cut stone. Its natural look and finish allow for flexible laying patterns with ample room for variance. Strong and durable, Old World is perfect for high traffic areas. Plus, the collection offers a wide range of both color and pattern potential.

90 sq.ft/Pallet


The Urbana Collection's chiseled textures and contours, combined with its random shapes and patterns, recall the look and feel of vintage-cut stone. Urbana is offered in a versatile three-piece modular system with an optional large square that adds a broader range of shapes and an even grander scale.

105 sq.ft/Pallet


The gently distressed surface and antiqued edges whisper quiet, timeless sophistication. Smaller than Bergerac and featuring a wide array of shapes, Dublin Cobble creates a casually elegant, time-worn look recalling the hand-laid stone of centuries-old Mediterranean villas.

128 sq.ft./Pallet


Offering the same appealing qualities as its larger counterpart but on a slightly smaller scale, Bergerac is reminiscent of ancient Roman cobbled stone. Its intriguing multi-color blends and circle pavers expand your ability to create remarkable, complex, and unique designs. Your imagination is the only limit.

128 sq.ft/Pallet

Cambridge Cobble

The tranquil tree-lined avenues of late 19th-century small-town America are recalled in this sturdy paver. Cambridge offers a more tailored, architectural look with its gently rounded corners and domed "pillow top" surface. The subtle color combinations and versatile pattern play make it ideal for crafting intricate circular designs and captivating serpentine walkways.

120 sq.ft/Pallet


With its simple shape and utilitarian appeal, Holland Stone is a practical choice for a variety of residential and commercial installations. Its exceptional strength and durability are combined with a range of captivating color blends that add to Holland Stone's popularity. Basic in form, its clean, modular shape makes possible a number of applications.

120 sq.ft/Pallet

Subterra Stone

The Subterra Stone Collection's chiseled textures and contours combine with its random shapes and patterns to recall the look and feel of vintage cut stone. Subterra Stone is offered in a versatile three-piece modular system with an optional large square that adds a broader range of shapes and an even grander scale.

96 sq.ft./Pallet

Eco Dublin

Belgard brings the classic look of cut stone together with contemporary materials technology in Eco Dublin, the latest addition to our Environmental Collection of permeable paver systems. This means water can easily drain through the surface instead of running off.

90 sq.ft./Pallet


A smooth, linear look that stands up to even the heaviest vehicular traffic. Environmentally and economically sound, Aqua Roc permeable pavers are comfortable underfoot, meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act architectural guidelines.

92 sq.ft./Pallet


Aquastone delivers results in both cost-effectiveness and longterm durability in harsh climates, particularly those with extreme freeze/thaw cycles. It's not only environmentally sound but also responsible.



Nowadays, concern for the Earth's resources is at an all time high. In response, Belgard has created the environmentally responsible Turfstone pavers. This high-tech design allows rainwater to be filtered back into the soil naturally and gradually, resulting in the control and stabilization of soil erosion. The eco-friendly design of Turfstone allows greenery to grow right through it, creating a highly unique hardscape design that works with the natural beauty of the land.


Bullnose Pavers

Designed to address a number of applications. Bullnose Coping Stones are ideal for stair treads, pool coping, and masonry wall caps. Available colors work well with paving stone products.

Michigan Field Stone
Decorative Stone

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